We are very proud to have Shattered Worlds: the strategy card & wargame feature in this month’s issue of Power Unlimited magazine! In the Netherlands, video gaming and Power Unlimited have gone hand in hand since 1993. It holds a special place in the hearts of many Dutch gamers, and most certainly in ours! Our bedroom floors used to be literally covered in old issues of Power Unlimited. A very special past issue about Dungeons & Dragons (Dragonlance) was a key element in our love for storytelling games and development.

We also shared some exciting news regarding the upcoming Pioneer sessions with the guys from Power Unlimted: we are working very hard to bring you the start of the first Pioneer playtesting sessions in early january! In this early Pioneer version of the game you will be able to both practice against an A.I. and battle other players in deadly space combat. Pioneer players will also be able to create their own decks using an early version of the deckbuilder and a limited Nexus and Dominion cardpool.

We hugely appreciate your efforts in joining us in the Pioneer Sessions and look forward to your feedback, suggestions and help in developing Shattered Worlds to its full potential and eventually bring it to Steam Early Access. Sign-up here to keep updated if you haven’t already and see you in the Pioneer sessions!

Tally ho!