Join the Pioneer Sessions
Shattered Worlds merges the excitement of modern collectible card games with the glory days of hex-based SciFi wargaming. Working with playtesters in order to gather feedback, suggestion and help is invaluable to us in developing this new wargaming experience. We are looking for active playtesters willing to create decks, come up with deck and map strategy, start collecting, and test out new features in the coming months. Your effort in joining us is greatly appreciated!

You can use the links below to download the latest Shattered Worlds MAC and PC builds*.



Don’t forget to join the Pioneer forums  to read the full list of features for playtesting in the latest build. Any feedback, suggestions and bug reports you might have, are also collected on the forums. Its also a good place to post online times to find worthy opponents. See you there!


Keep in mind that the Pioneer Sessions are played in a prototype of the game, together with other fellow playtesters. As such, understand that you will encounter bugs and other issues while we work on improving your experience. That’s why we need and value your feedback!

If you want to write something about Shattered Worlds on your blog, website or channel, please email us or send a forum admin a PM. We would love to hear from you.
See you in game!

*(subject to our demo end user license agreement Shattered Worlds.)