Hey guys!

Back again with a huge update for Shattered Worlds, and a brand laser-spankin’ new build just in time for tomorrow’s multiplayer playtest event! (New players will find the above video a great Lets Play vid) As you know, we have been struggling with efficient matchmaking. Hopefully, the new features below will facilitate play a lot better!

Updated Multiplayer

Our old matchmaking system was really showing its age! Placing a player in a separate loading screen while waiting for an opponent is kinda frustrating. Besides breaking up the game flow, it creates a too small window-of-opportunity for succesful player match-up.

In our new build we divided and gave better definition to the multiplayer aspect of Shattered Worlds, and we are pretty excited about the result! Basically, we now have two multiplayer modes: continous matchmaking and asynchronous skirmish play.

Schermafdruk 2015-07-23 10.37.04

Continous Matchmaking

Our new matchmaking system is a button/switch you hit in the game, allowing you to continously look for available opponents. In the mean time, you can still create Custom Decks, open Draft Packs and even play a new Skirmish mode game. 🙂

This way, when we schedule a multiplayer event on our Facebook page, and in the Looking for Opponent group, or when you and some friends want to play the game together, it will be far easier to find a match!

Skirmish Mode

We also wanted asynchronous multiplayer: a way to play against an opponent, even when that player is offline. Our new Skirmish mode gives you the ability to make 4 different decks for other players to battle against when you are offline!

We are still testing this feature out, but we are planning all sorts of interesting stuff for this feature. For example, earning extra currency each time your Skirmish deck defeats a player, and the ability to add a player customized AI for each Skirmish deck!

Schermafdruk 2015-07-23 10.35.31

Updated Starter Decks & Draft Packs

We noticed players struggling a bit with evolving from their starting cardpool. It was also getting weird that, as a starting player, you could pick any Captain, but often not have the cardpool to make a deck for it.

Each player that uses our newest build will now receive the contents of 4 new cool starter decks, and the ability to select each deck in Multiplayer and Skirmish mode. This will give players 4 times the options from the start, and will also give you a healthy cardpool to get started!

As an added bonus, we also changed the cost of a Draft Pack from 30 to 20 currency for easier card acquisition! 🙂

See you in game!

We hope you have as much fun playtesting the new matchmaking, Skirmish mode and Starter Decks as we had preparing them for you in this update! 🙂

P.S. Don’t forget to join us on Facebook for multiplayer playtest session signups, and download the latest build here: http://www.shattered-worlds.com/play/