Upcoming session starts Friday June 19th 20:00 CET and will last as long as possible.

Sorry for the wait guys! Part of this delay was the design process taking far longer than we expected. Also, we really wanted to work on some features a little more before testing them!However, we also realized that we definitely have to devote more time to keeping players updatedabout the game. We’re all in this together!

We just sent out Pioneer playtest invites to everyone who previously participated in Pioneer playtesting, so check your mail/spamand hopefully see you in game starting this Friday (June 19) 20:00 CET. We are making this Pioneer session las as long as possible, so there will be plenty of chance to invite friends to play with as well and get them into the game!

Don’t have an invite, but want to playtest Shattered Worlds? Register here, and we’ll set you up!http://bit.ly/1TnwqjG

See you in game!