Fancy yourself as one of our giant Magmar, evil Vicorian, dinosaur-like Saurian or a noble Aestril? Now you have your chance to see what it is like to fight in the Shattered Worlds universe, or at least see how a version of you would do! ;)! We decided to turn a few of you into characters in our game!

This Youtube series will see some deadly Dev vs. Skirmish deck action as we continue the work on improving the AI in the game. Each episode of this series will consist of one developer taking on a random player-made Skirmish deck armed with nothing but a starter deck! If your Skirmish deck wins, we will turn you into a character in the game!

We will be upgrading the AI during the challenge, so any feedback or suggestions are appreciated. Check out the first video at the top of this post! (Dicemaster vs. Kuroneko)

See you in game and in our Steam Group!